Paddle board in the lowest place in the world

Even if you have done Paddle Board all over the world

you have never done any thing  like this

Paddle Board in the lowest place in the world.

The amazing , most unique place.  The Dead  Sea.


SUP in the Dead Sea

We are looking always for something new and new places to go SUP surfing. We are very lucky to live in a place that has lots of unique places to sup like the Sea of Galilee, the Med Sea, the Red Sea and more than all the Dead Sea.

Last week we went to explore the Dead Sea with a big group of supers (40 supers) and we had the best times! The best thing with the sup in the dead see is that you can go to places that you can't go neither by car nor by foot, and we discovered small rivers with fresh water hot pools with sparkling mineral land mud pools this places where never found before.

We climbed on top of all the hills and the view of the whole landscape was insane! With the colors of the sunset was so unreal! A truly spiritual moment! we finished the day taking some amazing photos.

Our secret spot is just on the border between Israel and Jordan and each visit there must be rearranged with the IDF. The best time to come for a SUP trip to the dead Sea is during winter with perfect temperatures not to hot and not too cold with the air temperature just around 20 degrees Celsius, while in summer the average temperature is around 40 – 45 degrees Celsius.

We are planning this winter a series of SUP trips to the Dead Sea starting on January until April. All of you SUP addicts are more than welcome to come and join us and SUP with us in our magical secret spot in the Dead Sea; we look forward taking you to an adventure of a life time!

We can set you up with all the arrangements you will need for your perfect vacation in Israel

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