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 The History of SUP

SUP originated in Waikiki, Hawaii about 60 years ago, and holds incredible similarities to sports in ancient Polynesian folklore,

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (or SUP Boarding for short) has been around for a few years in its modern form but has only recently become popular everywhere and has begun taking over waterways throughout the world. As a matter of fact, it has become so popular that, Nikki Gregg an American Fitness Professional has started SUP Boot Camps for real SUP enthusiasts.

SUP has since come mainland and is being done not only on oceans and bays, but on rivers and lakes as well, it has also progressed into a unique sport that incorporates working out, outdoors, and most importantly fun! It is a combination of traditional surfing and canoeing/kayaking. One needs to stand on the board with both feet facing forward and begin to paddle, much like one would paddle a canoe. The paddles come with a small handle on one side and a paddle on the other. So participants have to incorporate balance to be able to switch sides while paddling.

Now there are so many variations of SUP: traditional SUP, yoga SUP, Fishing SUP, SUP Expeditions, check it out and see what original SUP twist you can come up with.

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