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Are you bored of the same old family vacations? Don't feel like braving the crowds at a Theme Park? Your kids just want to be in the water all day, not interested in seeing the sights?

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Well, you just have to check out the latest rage in eco-tourism;  SUP expeditions.  SUP is great for everyone and suited to the entire family. The kids will be happy being in the water, and you’ll be happy seeing the
sites   SUP is a great way to bond with your kids, your partner, your surroundings and yourself, because even if you’re in a group, on the board its really all about you.

SUP offers nature enthusiasts an opportunity to get up close and personal with nature, without disturbing the environment. There is no noisy motor to scare away animals and standing rather than sitting offers you a great vantage point to see what pops up beyond the horizon.

SUP is great when combined with fishing, bird-watching or simply getting out on the open water and seeing what nature brings your way.

This is what Dave Collins had to say after his most recent SUP expedition:

"There are no obvious pragmatic advantages to SUP touring versus sea kayak touring. I went half the speed as I would have in a fast sea kayak. But, I had twice as much fun because I saw more wildlife—whales, bears, otters, dolphins, sea lions—than I would have sitting in a kayak; my back didn´t hurt at the end of the trip; and I got to surf waves that wouldn´t have been surfable in a sea kayak. Ultimately, the challenge of paddling standing up with a loaded board proved the most rewarding aspect of the expedition. Self-contained, multi-day touring on a stand up board is yet another niche of this burgeoning phenomenon which is sure to take off soon.”

If camping isn't your cup of tea, try a SUP trip where each day ends on an exclusive yacht or at a luxury hotel close to any body of water. Combine daily SUPing expeditions paddling over breath-taking coral reefs and vibrant schools of fish and dolphin pods a quick snorkel for a close up look at the coral or some Yoga stretches to keep your body supple and your muscles toned.

This ultimate   SUP vacation will leave you and your family relaxed, in great shape, with memories that last a lifetime and already planning your next supaway SUP vacation.

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