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SUP Safety

One of the most important aspects of any sport and specifically water sports is safety and Shibumi SUP is no exception – we believe in safety first! In fact, safety is so important in SUPing that one of the most תמונות סאפאוואיimportant rules in the World Championships is that every entrant must have an escort boat, so that if something should happen along the 32-mile channel cross, the SUPer will be well taken care of.

Most of us, most likely will not be SUPing a 32-mile channel cross, although it is a great goal and something to aspire too, but we still need to take safety measures.

SUP is about safety both in and out of the water:

Here are some guidelines to keep you safe while you SUP:

1)      Always SUP with a partner and stay close enough to each other that you can help in case your fellow SUPer needs it.

2)      Always use a leash, so that if you fall from your board you are always within reach of it.

3)      Carry a cell phone, a whistle and water in a waterproof case on your person or on your board.

4)      Sun safety is incredibly important and the sun can be particular strong on the water. To prevent sun stroke and skin damage come prepared with sunscreen, a hat/visor, sunglasses and a surf shirt.

These tips are provided to you by supaway and designed to make sure that you have the best and safest SUP experience possible, so take them seriously and have a safe and pleasant journey!

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