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Sup retreat at the Dead Sea

Friday morning we are excited about the unique and different experience. a nice sup group of 45 people, men and women alike, who decided to leave the routine and look for this special place to paddle and to explore – the Dead Sea, the lowest place in the world.

We reached the northern shore of the Dead Sea to a magical beach and calm, sheds slices from palm trees along the beach and white chairs complement a stunning picture with turquoise water and white amazing Landscape around as.
After rapid organization we discover the Dead Sea. Rowing greenish turquoise waters, beautiful, arid mountain landscape around with a reddish tint that give a perfect picture frame. During the pursuit of charming bays exposed and sulfur sources, where we stopped for a moment to the "center" smeared mud and washed with salt water and felt very healthy.

Dead Sea quest automatically becomes much more moderate and calm Atmosphere and quiet. This place immediately invites the body into peaceful tranquility, quickly took off gear and sought peace while enjoying what the eyes see, from time to time stop floating on the water or on the sup and enter a meditative state, body and soul in complete silence.

We packed our destination fast and we drove to Ein Times. After a brief decline in the mountainous landscape we want to this  lovely corner of amazing, the beach deployed sulfur pools of boiling water, we immediately lay down and enjoyed the pools of water surrounding heat and cool caress of the cold weather ahead. The combination of cold and boiling was just perfect; add to that a glass of wine a luxurious and we are in heaven.

Then it happened…. Slowly the moon rose a bright orange yellow and found him behind the mountains full moon draws the yellow line on the water … We could not ask for more! Wow that was a sight so special, all the senses were working, a great experience and real fun.
With darkness we climbed back to the cars holding boom box and introduce us to a walk cool, we're all climbing and singing and happy!! We went to Metzokey-Dragot where we got rooms and a nice hot shower we went for Saturday. Lillian and Eddie spoiled us at a great Saturday and finale – we organized a  a big  tent   with a keg of beer for everyone, beverage bar opens and quickly found ourselves happy, chattering, the background music.

The next morning after an excellent breakfast we went paddling again to say good bye to the Dead Sea.

Amit Inbar took the group for a long paddle of 15 k that was one of the best workouts ever! and we finished the sup weekend  much more peaceful, calm and happy; and open to receive the 2013 with lots of ​​positive energy.

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