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SUP, or Stand Up Paddle Boarding is the fastest growing sport today

and the hot new trend that's taking over waterways throughout the world.

What's SUP?

It's a fun, easy activity that lets people truly enjoy being fit, healthy, and relaxed.תמונות סאפאוואי

  supaway is a lifestyle and way of being. You glide on water, connect with nature and live in the moment.

It's easy, it's fun, it's for everyone, and it's quickly gaining popularity and becoming the fastest growing water sport in the world.

Why is SUP so popular?

  • SUP is great exercise and gives you a complete core muscle workout.
  • Supping be combined with other activities like: Meditation, Yoga, Fishing, bird-watching.
  • Supping allows you to relax, unwind, de-stress and become one with nature.
  • Supping can be enjoyed alone or in a group.
  • It's easy to learn for people of all ages and all fitness levels.

Why should you offer SUPaway to your members?

SUP is easy to learn and anyone at any age or fitness level can participate and enjoy it.  SUP is a sport of refined simplicity and simple elegance. It is an activity members can do on their own, or enjoy with their families or with their own clients. It is a wonderful addition to your club as it can be done while docked or at sea.

Why SUP is a great investment:

If you are a Yacht Club or Marina looking to offer your members, the latest trends in water sports then Shibumi SUP is for you. Becoming   a SUP provider requires minimal initial investment, but offers maximum benefits to both your club and your members.

  • Relatively quick ROI – through SUP lessons & board rentals
  • No ongoing investment – no breakages, no wear and tear costs
  • No additional or outstanding insurance required
  • Easy to train – any staff member can become a 'SUP instructor'
  • Become part of the Shibumi SUP community and get advertising and exposure in our website and newsletters.

How Your Members will Benefit

 SUP has become the latest trend in water sports, everyone is doing it. Actors, musicians and other celebrities the world over! It’s taking off because it’s not only a great activity, but because it is a proven way to have fun and tone your entire body. It has been shown that 1 hour of Shibumi SUP burns hundreds of calories; 500-700 cal/hr for women and 800-1000 cal/hr for men. If your members love the water, they will love SUPPING. It’s a whole new way of enjoying the sea and the life within it.

Offer your members variety.

Introduce    SUP and offer your members a variety of new activities; from private one-on-one sessions to group outings.

Members can practice SUP on their journeys at sea and at home at your club.

SUP offerings are endless and can include: SUP Yoga, SUP Fishing, SUP Wilderness Adventures and so much more.

Your members will love a new and relaxing experience that they can do with their families, business partners and clients.

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