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SUP for the Body and Soul

There are many wonderful benefits of Stand Up Paddling; it calms your mind while working your body whatever level of fitness you are.סאפ נשים בכנרת

SUP is one of the highest calorie burning sports in the world (500 – 700 cal/hr for women & 800 – 1000 cal/hr for men) and it offers one of the best core body sculpting workouts using all of your core muscle groups from your abs to your lower and upper back muscles.

You can adjust your workout to your fitness level and your needs. For a more vigorous workout take your SUP board out on a windy day at sea or, for a more easy-going workout take it out on a breezy summer's day at the lake. That is the beauty of SUP – because it’s all about YOU, you do what feels right for you.

SUP boards are also the newest trend in Yoga and Fishing as they are excellent platforms for both sports.

SUP for the BODY

Mickey Eskimo World Windsurfing Champ calls SUP the "Ocean's Bicycle" because it works ever part of your body. You use your balance which exercises your core while also paddling and getting a great cardio workout.

In Brief:

  • It engages all the important muscle groups
  • It's an excellent way to improve balance
  • It increases core strength
  • It builds endurance
  • And yet, it is 'no impact' – meaning no pounding and no harm to your joints.

Full Details:

As you SUP, your legs and gluteus muscles will be getting a workout holding you up and balanced on your board. Your abs and feet will be helping you balance as well – meaning they too get a workout.

Now, if you want to go anywhere – your arms, trunk and back muscles will be in for a great workout as paddling is your only means of movement.

The SUP method is simple, the harder you paddle, the more resistance you have, so you can work as hard or go as easy as you want.

Stand up paddling can be done on flat water, rough water, across boat wakes and on rivers. Windy days will give you a little more exercise, and calm seas will be more meditative – either way, and whatever body of water you’re on, Supping is good for your body and soul.

SUP for the SOUL

We all know the value of meditation – clear the mind, silence the chatter, become clearer, calmer and more insightful. Problem is… we don’t all know how to silence the mind and become clear.

Many Suppers have testified and spoken about Supping as a meditation because it requires you to pay attention to your body, positioning and stance. In order to stay on the board you must stay ‘in the moment’ and focus. While Supping your focus is usually on the movement of the water, the natural and scenic surroundings, or your own body.

Imagine the exhilarating SUP experience of being out at sea and suddenly finding yourself surrounded by a majestic pod of humpback whales, it’s happened to 8-time World Paddle boarding Champion Jamie Mitchell as he was or lying out to do Yoga poses in the middle of the ocean, and it can easily happen for you.

SUP can be meditative and brings you closer to nature, and so naturally, has a calming stress reducing effect on your body and mind.

SUP for the Environmentsupaway-women-kineret-weekend-011

In addition to being great for the body and soul, SUP can also puts your green conscious at ease because it is safe for the environment. Supping doesn't leave a fingerprint on the environment and you leave your natural surroundings exactly the way you found it. Paddle out like the Polynesians and become one with nature. There is no noisy motor or leaky gas tank, just you, your board, Mother Nature and whatever animals pop out to say hello.

Dave Collins, a SUP paddle enthusiast tells of his recent SUP expedition:

"I recently paddled my stand up board solo around Cape Scott, the northern tip of Vancouver Island. The 100 km. expedition took me four and a half days. The few people I met along the way seemed awed and perplexed: “Why would you ‘hike on water’?” asked a backpacker on the North Coast Trail. The question caused me to pause… “It´s challenging and fun… and the view is unbeatable.”

But don't just take Dave's word for it. Try it out yourself! Your body, mind and nature will thank you for it.

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