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“A common denominator of both Yoga and paddle boarding is how good it is for the body and the soul…” Kimberley DePasquale of Paddleboarding Orlando.

Are you ready to relax your body and mind and delve into the world of   SUP Yoga?  SUP  brought together this incredible combination which allows you to enjoy and practice all things that Yoga is about – balance, relaxation, meditation and being in your center.SUP and YOGA

  SUP will help you with your Yoga practice, just as Yoga with support and enhance your   SUP experience.

You will need a special   SUP board to practice yoga and SUP simultaneously, so make sure that your  SUP board suites the proper requirements before you begin. For details on the best boards for Yoga practice you can speak to your local   SUP Yoga instructor     . And to find out what and how to do it you can either join a local SUP Yoga class or check online for a variety of instructional videos.

So get ready to transform your mind, body and soul and get into Shibumi SUP Yoga.

SUP & Fishing

We never quite understood if fishing was about the relaxation or about coming home with a great catch.   SUP Fishing has become popular among fishing enthusiasts because it enables them to enjoy both.

 SUP Fishing lets you quietly glide over the water without scaring the fish, paddle right over to the fishing holes, so you are more likely to get a nibble and reach parts of lakes and other inland bodies of water that are inaccessible to boats. Standing on your board you also have a better vantage point so you can see exactly where the fish are biting.

Like in regular fishing the best time to be out is early morning and late evening because it is not as warm, which is beneficial to both you and the fish.

And although   SUP Fishing is promoted as ‘relaxing’ if you get a big fish to bite, you might be pulled around a little. So, be sure you’re up for the challenge because you will be using all your muscles to maintain balance and reel'er in.


 SUP & Yachting

Keep a board aboard!

Yachting is often seen as an elite sport, but all good yachters know that yachting is not just about sailing on the seas, it’s also about where you cast anchor.

Yachting Enthusiasts are always in search of a quiet spot to anchor down, a point that will enable them to do the many other water activities they love so much – snorkeling, diving, wind surfing and now   SUP.

SUP offers yachters so many excellent opportunities:

  • Explore the anchorage point without endangering or disturbing the serenity
  •  The   SUP board also makes the perfect tender as it is sea-friendly and fun
  •   SUP boards are an excellent platform for maintenance and upkeep of a yacht
  • A fast and easy way to Refill the ice box ( I don't get this one?)
  • A great opportunity for a little exercise between drinking and dining.
  • It is also a great water sport, no matter whether there is too much wind, too little wind, choppy waters or calm seas


  SUP & Nature Expeditions

It’s only natural that nature lovers will be   SUP lovers.

Expeditions are the latest rage in SUPing because they enable nature enthusiasts of different kinds to be up-close and personal with their choice of nature. From whale-watching to bird-watching it can all be done on a   SUP board.

Dave has been on many expeditions mainly around Vancouver Island in Canada, but his contributions and suggestions on how to arrange your gear and what to bring are priceless. But, don't take our word for it; listen to Dave about the benefits of using a Shibumi SUP board rather than a kayak on multiday expeditions: "There are no obvious pragmatic advantages to SUP touring versus sea kayak touring. I went half the speed as I would have in a fast sea kayak. But, I had twice as much fun because I saw more wildlife—whales, bears, otters, dolphins, sea lions—than I would have sitting in a kayak; my back didn´t hurt at the end of the trip; and I got to surf waves that wouldn´t have been surfable in a sea kayak. Ultimately, the challenge of paddling standing up with a loaded board proved the most rewarding aspect of the expedition."

We couldn't have said it better ourselves Dave!

  Weight Loss

SUP is a proven way to have fun while losing weight. It has been shown that 1 hour of SUPing provides the same benefits as 8 hours of surfing, that's right, 8 HOURS!

But who among us surfs for 8 hours!?? Here are the real numbers:

One hour of SUPing burns 500-700 cal/hr for women and 800-1000 cal/hr for men.

And the great thing is that you won’t be counting calories or waiting for the minutes to go by because you will be having so much fun. Whether you do it alone, or with your friends, your   SUP will have you concentrating on having fun and on the beautiful scenery that surrounds you. You won’t even notice it’s a sport or that time and calories have just flown off.

After you have hit your goal weight you can continue challenging yourself with   SUP, working and toning your body to get the abs, legs and butt you have always wanted.

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